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Droptine8, you may want to go back and look some more. I don't know how long you looked or how far you went but last year I shot a nice buck and didn't find blood until over 100 yards away. I just about gave up when i didn't see any blood or hair where he was standing. I decided since i could see his tracks in the field i would track him by that. I followed those to the field edge then I saw my first signs of blood. I ended up hitting him too far back, barely clipped his liver by 3 inches. Once I got to the field edge he was only 40 yards into the woods. The things that made me want to look more was 1, he had some nice head gear (14 points) and 2, when i shot he took off like a rocket but when he got to the woods he hunched up just before he went out of sight. I know since it has rained now it will be harder but it may be worth your time to take a day and walk and search in the direction he ran. Grid search or circles or both and you may walk up on him. Either way it was a good story!
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