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well it was an exciting mornin ,got in to our box stand at 545 to hear all kinds noise in the oaks but couldnt see anything .Finally the sun come up but everything got quiet.there was nothing moving all mornin couldnt believe it. It was about 10am ands i look to my left and there he was at about 50 yrds) faceing away from us . We were waiting for him to turn broad side but he dicides he wants to lay down .After laying down i ask my brother if he could see his bodie but he said no ,all he could see was his head so i told him to just wait he will get up sooner or later, so we waited . After 30 to 45 min. i see another buck walking toward the buck laying down (he was smaller).The smaller 1 walked past the buck laying down and that made him get up , still no shot. So we watch as they spar a little (which was cool a first for me ) then they start to move to our right .I tell my brother when 1 of them hit the shooting lane to put the scope on him an pull the trigger. well when he pulled the trigger i thought he had hit him . The buck jumped about 3 ft in the air an mule kicked .I thought for sure he had gotten him but when we went to look there was nothing, no hair or blood . I think he was a little upset but i told him it happends . although we didnt get a deer it was probly the best hunting day ever. we will get him next time .I had to pick with him a little so i told him we will get a closer look at him when i put a bolt through him lol. well thats our story .ALL in all it was a GREAT DAY.thx bro for the memory
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