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Like there is mostly pines where I am at. I have two different bait sites. One is in oaks, and the other is on a logging road in the middle of a bunch of pines. I poured corn out about 3 weeks ago and the deer were all over it. All the corn is pretty much gone now. Where I am from it is illegal to hunt over any type of bait so it just all has to be gone before hunting season Oct 2nd. At both sites last weekend. I poured out a bottle of black magic liquid deer cane. (1 gallon at each site) and then took another bottle and put it in a backpack sprayer and sprayed all around (1 gallon at each site). Im wondering if the smell was a little overwhelming. I am still getting a few does on the camera. 1-10 pics. Do you think if I just put more corn out a little bit down from the site on the logging road, that maybe I can set my camera up on that and get some deer to come in? I need all the help I can get right now.
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