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I do not use cover scents. I'll tell you why. I can show you video footage of me sitting in a ground blind sweating my *** off with no shirt on and deer going about their normal activities not more than 50 yards away.. I eventually did get busted but it was because my tripod was making the tiniest of noise... They heard me before they smelled me.. Now to top it off the wind was at my back blowing straight at the deer.. Like I said I have video proof. My belief is deer are accustom to human scent. I think when it comes to humans they rely on hearing and sight more than scent.. Not to say they won't bust you by scent THEY WILL. But I think you are better off playing the wind. Take it how ever you want, this is from more than 40 years being in the woods and around deer. Cover scents are not necessary for going undetected in the deer woods.
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