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I have been watching a buck that is in the mid 170s this summer pretty regularly in one of my bean fields. He looks like he is a twin to the rifle buck I shot last year, only he is a touch wider, heavier, and even taller.

Here is my rifle deer from last year.

My favorite pic from last fall. Both of my deer at the taxidermist!

I also heard a rumor that there is a 200+ inch deer fairly close to my house, which I was blowing off as here-say till I heard the description of him. "Points sticking everywhere, by far the biggest deer I've seen anywhere" That fit the description of a buck that has eluded me for 2 years now, I've only seen him once. I set out some trail cameras last night in hopes to get a glimpse of him. The guy that told me about him has killed a few bucks in the 170s-180s, so he knows what it takes to get a deer of that caliber.
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