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Originally Posted by HunterOpel View Post
Rammer- where in south dakota do you hunt, I hunt by Buffalo for mulies and antelope.

Wheatley- were in wyoming do you hunt, I used to hunt outside laramie and saratoga for mulies and antelope.

I had the biggest buck in the 2008 contest, dont know if I can top it, but I will try.Attachment 11214

I hunt by Buffalo for mulies and antelope as well! hahaha I just got my comfirmation that I drew my antelope tag last night in fact. I live in the Northeast part of South Dakota and thats where I do 90% of my hunting.

My plans this year are:

leave Sept 2 for Montana for archery elk hunt, if given opportunity maybe a deer.

End of Sept start archery hunting at home.

First part of October go antelope hunting.

First part November rifle deer West River hunt (Buffalo)

Later November rifle deer at home

That should be my schedule for the fall big game hunting, unless I draw another tag or 2....
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