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Starting with the Wildgame X6C.
It is small and compact.
Easy to navigate and set.
Easy to open and attach with included bungy cord straps.
18 IR's

Now about the night video test I just did, my path in front of each camera was 40 feet away. I could not trigger the Wildgame camera until I got about 35 feet away.
During each video from each camera I circled around the same bush for IR distance test of each camera.
The Wildgame also has a noticeable red light that flashes when movement is present. It will flash until the IR's glow red and the camera take the video.
When the video is finish the red blinking light now flashes green.
Compare this video to the others.

*** Note the quality after uploaded to YouTube is very, very poor. It is much better then what you see on Youtube, but you will see a difference between the different cameras videos ***

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