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whitetail fanatic: I have two Spy Point IRB trail cameras. I have been well satisfied with them. These cameras are manufactured in Quebec, Canada. For more information go to: The camera is fairly large, uses 6 "C" batteries. They have a gripper tooth system at the back of the camera so they won't slide on the tree. The strap has what I call a roll over buckle: just tighten the strap and lever over the buckle. The camera can be set for picture or video and accept up to an 8 GB SD card. I use Lexar and SanDisk cards, just format a used card in the computer and your set to go. I think the newer versions will accept up to 16 GB. Camera set up is very easy. Customer service has been excellent. Warranty is one year from the manufacture. The camera also has a 12 volt external port. Information on their site is a little hard to get into. It is listed in French and English. Being they are a French company, their priority is the French language, but bouncing around in the site one can usually find what one is looking for, or just email them. Good luck in your testing.
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