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SGT.H: I've had a taxidermist do some work for me a few times. His suggestions were: 1)a light vacuum or brushing once in a while, 2) keep the mounts, rugs etc. out of direct sun light as this will cause fading, or excessive drying out, 3) keep out of a cooking or smoking area, 4) select a room with a cool temperature: 65 to 70 degrees Farenheit, not overly hot but still plesant to go in and view etc. I personally was in a restraunt that had game heads and mounted birds. When I viewed the items shortly after the restraunt put them on display, they were lovely. After a few years in that restraunt, with no maintenance, smoke and food vapors, they were basically garbage. Very sad as someone had paid a large some of money in total for the taxidermy work. If you have a rug on the floor, young children think its okay to sit or play on it. Thats a "no no" as these rugs: wolf, bear etc. have ear liners. These can get broken very easily. When the hide was prepared for mounting, the ear has to be skinned out to remove cartilage. Now, a liner has to be installed to maintain the shape of the ear. Mounted fish, ducks etc. may have to have there colors touched up over a period of time as they will eventually fade a bit. These colors are painted to make them look natural. Some of the forum members may be taxidermists and can offer advice as well. Hope this helps.
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