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Originally Posted by NCOutdoors View Post
I have two Trophy cams and I am experiencing a different problem in each of them.

The first time I put one of the cameras out it operated properly for five days. Then it just started continuously taking pictures. It took a gig and a half of pictures over the course of a couple days before I took it down to look at the images. I brought it home and can't get it to work properly. The CD card is a 2 gig ScanDisk I got from Best Buy.

The second camera has blown out images. I takes a couple great shots but the next couple shots it takes a few minutes later are so blown out they are almost white. Although you can see something in the picture. The camera is in the middle of the woods with no direct sunlight.

Has anyone experienced these problems??
It sounds like you might have the 2010 Bushnell TC ? if so, join the crowd. I had the continuous picture taking issue with my first '10 model, as well as several members on this site. It is a known problem now and your camera will need to be returned.

I've see at least one other issue of the "white out" issue posted here and have seen others as well, seemed to be a problem mainly with the first cameras to hit the shelves, but maybe not. That camera should also be returned.

Good news is, quality seems to be improving. The replacement camera that I received has worked great for 3 months so far and the picture quality is better than the '09's IMO.
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