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Default Keeping up with the Davis'

Those $90 block targets must go good with those $900 compound bows.

Wish I could help, but I'm using my 20 year old homemade design. And what modern archer is going to use a design that old.

Besides, I had to design mine to carry some distance. It had to be lighter and thinner than the commercial block targets. Most archers only accept targets, where the point is totally embedded in foam.
My target would never be acceptable, as the light target stops the arrow completely, but doesn't embed the point. The negative psychology would be overwhelming, I guess.

$90 you say. Makes me feel a little bad, that I've been using these homemade targets for decades and never bought one. One target costs in a little labor(very little) and some $7.50 in material. Somehow I still enjoy the obsolescent sound of that.

But then, some things are too cheap for acceptablility.
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