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I don't think you can really say what is exactly right for another archer to use or not for pins. I have been using 1 pin with no peep site for a long time now and have always had success. I mean there are a lot of guys who hunt with no pins and do fine.
It all comes down to knowing the distance of the shot. Realistically its no harder to hold a 20 yard pin high at 30 yards then it is to move down to your 30 yard pin if you have more then one. It's really whatever is comfortable for you as the hunter/shooter in the woods. Im sure there are plenty of guys who got in a hurry and used the wrong pin for the distance they were dealing with even if they were right how far the deer was away. There are both pro's/con's with using 1 pin or more then 1 pin.

If you practice with what you are doing I don't see a real advantage to how many pins you use.
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