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I really need to disagree with you on this. Ive been using one pin since I started shooting bows. My first bow was only shooting 250 roughly and I had no problems out to 30 yards. Its all how you shoot and how confident you are in your shot placement, speed plays a very small factor in it. My new PSE Stinger isnt shooting 350fps and I can nail the center of the block at 40 yards...using one pin.

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The one pin game is really hard to play unless u just have blistering speed. If u aren't up at like 330+ it's not worth the try... I took two second place, and one third shootin my old xforce with one pin in hunter class. I was at 335fps with a 370gr arrow though. I had it zeroed at about 26. Never shot over 35 with it though and even at 35 the drop was quite a bit more than most would expect.
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