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Default question about skinning

Hey all, I have an Axis deer hunt planned for July 4th down in south texas. The problem I am going to have is getting it back to St. Louis without the hide getting ruined by the heat. Since it is an Axis, caping up to the neck and putting the whole thing in a cooler wont be an option.

I talked to a Taxidermist that I am going to use, and he said to go ahead and skin out the head, and put pickling salt on it to dry it out.

I've never actually skinned past the neck on anything that I am going to mount. I've seen a few threads from various forums on the matter, and it didnt seem all that hard.
If anyone has any suggestions, go ahead and let me know. I grabbed a few scalpels from work for around the eyes and mouth.

Is there anything special about using the salt I should know about? And after it is salted, I quess I should just keep it on ice until I can get it in the freezer?

Thanks for any help.
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