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Spring tom
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Default Here is my reply to FWC

Maybe you guys need a Post Office box in Tallahassee and about 10 good ole boys drinking Miller Lite to run this alligator application process. I bet in one long Friday night we could have 6,000 permits settled.

That would be 600 per man (10 x 600=6,000). We would only allow one beer per 100 permits a man schedules. You'd be looking at 6 beers per man with 10 men (6 x 10=60 beers). I bet that whips the pants off of what those nerds at ACTIVE OUTDOORS charge you and me.

I'd be happy to head that up. I like my Miller Lite in a bottle.

If we could implement this process for Phase One, I'm sure I could have 50 good ole boys signed up for next year------ you supply the beer.


Tom Shepherd
Apopka, FL
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