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[QUOTE=kpatte26;3599821]So last friday night I go over to a buddies house to help him do some remodeling work and look at a motorcyle he has for sale. After we get done with the work and looking at his bike we go back into his house. He says that he is selling his Ruger P-90 and wants $300 for it. I think its a good deal.
I prefer something different and looking to either figure out the trade in value or what I could sell it out right to another buyer for... So let me know what you guys would give for the gun.
The gun comes with Factory Sights, 2 Magazines, holster, and a box of ammo.

Thanks for the help![/QU
You have probably made up your mind by now, but here is my two cents. I bought a P90 a few years ago because i had never owned a semiauto before and wanted to get familiar with one. I paid some where around 500 bucks ( give or take ) for it new in the box. I love it. It has performed flawlessly with about 1000 rounds through it. Only thing i've had to do is clean it as expected. Ruger is a tough brand to beat in my mind anyway, and alot cheaper than other renowned brands. I think it is a steal at that price with the accessories included. Just my opinion, If your still deciding, I hope this helps.
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