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Originally Posted by falcon View Post
Congrats on the porkers. Good shooting.

i own a piece of property about 10 miles from Pauls Valley, OK. Thanks to the U Ranch, the entire area is now over run with wild hogs. Those wild hogs have had a very adverse impact on the deer population in that area. We have killed and trapped 27 wild hogs off our place and the neighbors place since the first of the year.
Dude, I live in OKC and have hunted all over the state. I hardly doubt one ranch is solely responsible for the infestation of hogs in your area. Our state has had too many hogs for quite awhile.

I've learned to see them as another game animal like deer. The good thing about hog hunting is no license, no limits, no seasons.

Oh.. and to the OP great story and congrats!!!
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