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You can only hunt home turf and bag so many animals at home...
In NY I am allowed one buck on a gun tag. If m.l. or archery hunting, I am allowed a 2nd deer. Perhaps a doe on a deer management permit. My hunting season can be over very quickly (for deer). Many folks want to spread out their hunting times and opportunites in states that allow this. I do not consider myself a trophy hunter. I have never considered paying to go with an outfitter for deer, but I have taken trophy animals, and can work for them on my own. If I want to hunt bear, opportunities are very limited (not for lack of accessible land, but productive methods allowed). Thus, I have been to Canada 3 times for bear. Moose, elk, pronghorn? I certainly have to go out of state, and on my limited budget, I would burn much more valuable time and money on scouting trips than I would on hiriing on with a guide.
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