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The Horny Toad is great. After Chuck's success with it early on last year, I decided to try it and havent looked back since. They are great lures that can be fished many different ways. In my area, they prefer a subsurface retrieve where it creates a bulge on the surface without actually breaking the surface. Pull, Pull, Pause is the name of the game. Fishing it all day once is a great way to learn a bait, but its also a great way to learn too hate a bait. Make sure you go on a potentially good day, not a generaly accepted bad day such as a blue bird sky right after a 2 day storm. It's sometimes hard to catch anything on those days, and using a new lure and catching nothing all day will quickly leave a bad taste in your mouth for that lure. My best luck with the horny toad was usually about mid day, around 12-2, in the dead middle of the summer, throwing close the bank and coming through the nasty stuff with it. I had decent luck at night, but for some reason, my larger catches where ruing the middle of the day.
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