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Originally Posted by andy da animal View Post
atleast where i am at, 9mm i can get a box of 50 for bout $20. a b0x of 50 in .45 is bout $35. and a box of 50 run bout $45 or more. i checked it out at 2 local gun stores. i personally am not worried bout the reciol, but at the same time (god willing it never happen) if someone where to come into my place with intention to steal, rob, or harm me or my gf. and she gets to the gun before me, dont want her to hesitate due to fear of the recoil. plus we enjoy target shooting when the weather and time allows. and i would like for her to enjoy in the gun as well, and still not cost me an arm and a leg in ammo. i was leaning toward a ruger P-89? defenitly an 80 model....just late and strugling to remeber now.
Wow is that for hollow point ammo? If not I'd look for a new dealer. Walmart here sells 9mm Federal Champion for $9.97 for 50. The same Federal Champion in .40 S&W is $13.97 for 50. I'm not sure what the .45 ACP is since it's not often instock. I saw it instock a couple days ago but couldn't see the price of it. Those prices you mentioned are crazy high. WWB here is $20.97 or $21.97 depending on the Walmart for the 9mm. This is 100 round packs. The 100 round pack of WWB for the .40 S&W is right at $30 or so.

As for the Ruger P-89 they are reliable pistols. The biggest complaint about them seems to be the size of them. They are kind of a brick. I don't think you can really go wrong with one though unless you are looking for a gun to use for concealed carrying. It's a lot cheaper than the Glocks usually or Springfield XD's but I still prefer the Glocks if you have the extra money.
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