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Originally Posted by salukipv1 View Post
Might consider a .40

You could probably deer hunt with the .357 you've got, not that you ever will, but I think you need a revolver with a 3" or 4" barrel, with a minimum caliber/diameter, as well maybe a minimum energy level, think the .357 qualifies though, only thing would be if that barrel was long enough.

I think a .40 would be my choice for a cartridge with no other circumstances in a semi-auto.

If you have a wife who wants to shoot it, or a kid, or it's a compact model, etc...the 9mm might make more sense.
the .357 is capable of being hunted with as thats what my grandpa uses every year since its easier for him to carry through the woods with his arthritis. its got a 6" barrel.

and i was considering a .45 or a 9mm. just because the cartriges for .40 are so much more than either a .45 or 9mm. but i will be moving in with my gf after graduation and she loves to shoot as well, and would like her to not be to intimidated of recoil, especially if im gone and the time comes to use it in a self diffense situation.
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