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Originally Posted by Red Hawk View Post
I was gone for awhile at times and some people were removed from the boards. I likely doubt it would be for difference of opinions since we do encourage lively debates, however, once the personal attacks and even flame war attempts come to be then that is when we draw the line. I don't know the reasons myself but if I had to guess on it, it would be one of of those following. I wasn't there when he was removed so i don't know either
red i know exactly what you are saying. however AH as we called him for short was name was Ameture hunter 4 something or other. but he got involved in a discusion in the off season forum. he was very into the subject and corrected something said by a particular mod. the mod took serious offense to it and began following him to every post he made. he followed him to this forum and began to give him hell about his age. shortly after they had a differance in opinion in the off season forum and said mod took a personal vendeta toward AH sending him PM's stateing how he was guna ban him....saying how stupid he was...saying how rediculous he was and hazing him bout posting in the youth forum. AH made one mistake and told him that he was going to report him, and the mod banned him...and when he was banned his user name was erased, his PM's (his proof) was gone, and his IP address was banned. i know this because me and him our good friends and talked bout it in LENGTH! he was so mad he still gets worked up if you bring up said MOD's name! it is a power hungry mod that abused his power. i havent seen him around lately which is why i have returned
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