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Default RE: anyone ever have real luck w/ scents?? i havent!

Ive had good success with some cover scents and a natural attractants. I make my own pine, acorn and persimmon scents. The pine is the best cover scent. I have finally perfected my acorn seent to not only stop deer for a shot but also attracts them. My final ingredient- vanilla extract. I havent had much luck with the store brands with the exception of some of the pine scents.
As far as Rut scents. Too much money spent and not enough results. There was one brand I used a few years ago that my dad had given me. I used it all season and the deer (bucks and does) would come in to it constantly . Problem is I lost the bottle and cant remember what brand it was!!?? If I could find that one again I would definatly use it. Ive never seen deer react to a scent like that one.
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