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gunther89. I couldnt agree more with you. Cwd is way overblown by the dnr. All that has happened is the hunting has been ruined. It use to be everybody got excited about deer season. Now things are so messed up, that i fear it wont be long and the dnr will have turned alot of people off from hunting by what they are doing to our deer herd. I wish people would just wise up and quit shooting does. Alot more does get shot every year then would need to be for earning your buck tag. Party hunting is legel so dont shoot unneeded does to tag the bucks you get. People think im crazy for this one but try shooting nub bucks it will at least let the deer herd come back more then shooting all of our does to earn a buck! Until the crazy notion the dnr has about curbing the spread of cwd is over we will not be able to enjoy hunting the way we once did!
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