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Originally Posted by Howler View Post
Seems like to me that you should put your pants over the OUTSIDE of your boots, and then tie them off. Otherwise, foot odor can come right up between your pants and your boots.

on the contrary, odor is human skin cells, , as gravity is forcing the skin cells down from your hood into your shirt fallin down to your pants and right out the bottom of your pants onto the ground. which leaves a very distinguishing path of scent. the boots catch this scent and keep it aboard your scent ship. if you tie it off , it aint as good imo..just imagine fillin your pants with rice and tie it off and walk around.....i am gonna bet some will fall out.. human scent cells are falling off you at a rate of 30k -40k EVERY MINUTE!!!!..( thats 30,000-40,000) and human skin cells are way smaller than rice. hopefully someone knows the math on rice grain vs human skin cell?

as for your foot smell... i recommend Benzalkonium Chloride...
they come in a "hand wipe" usually at the doctors office or even spring creek bar-b-que with the rib plates..
if you are buying it get the purple ones, not the blue....
also works on ring worm(jock itch) ..there is no burning sensation as with blue star ointment and others.
.buy 2-3 boxes at a time, if ya had it for a few years maybe 5 boxes, use at will when ever you can..stops the itch almost immediately....take a real hot shower to get the fungus good and opened up(expanded) so when ya hit it with the wipe it kills more.

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