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Well blue, you're right. But you already know you're right because the data your asking for dosen't exist. And I'm sorry that I wasn't there 30 yrs before I was born to set up the correct expeximents. However, if you wanna throw me millions of dollars I would be glad to do the reasearch and I'll start today. PS: just because the data dosen't exist, dosen't mean there weren't negative effects.
If harvesting 80% of our 1.5 buck had a negative impact on our herd, why aren't those effects evident in the data that was collected by the PGC prior to 2002? Why didn't we have much lower breeding rates, lower productivity,lower recruitment and poor genetics prior to implementing ARs and why didn't those measures of herd health improve dramatically after ARs?

I think its logical to say that a herd with a balanced age structure is more biologically favorable. Now blue, please tell me why I am wrong.
What does"more biologically favorable" mean to you,older bucks with larger racks?
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