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In other words, Glew, all you can do at this point is speculate that some negative aspect must have been realized by harvesting young bucks....unfortunately speculation does not equal fact. You also keep mentioning that you consider a buck that is 3.5 years or older a quality deer. It is really shameful that you would consider a deer "poor quality" because he hasn't reached his third birthday. I'm sure you don't apply that 3 year rule to harvest of antlerless deer, of which QDM typically supports very intensive harvest to "balance buck doe ratios"....though intensive HR in PA has not been proven to narrow the breeding window, which only serves to create more intense rut action, serving hunters, but not necessarily realizing any scientific benefits for the deer once again. And since you already stated that you define "quality" deer as a 3 1/2 or older buck, then you just reiterated that QDM is about trophy potential. I know you are quite fond of jumping in here and playing the expert, and I'm not challenging your resume, but it will take more than your professional opinions and speculation to win your case. Show us evidence of any scientific benefit realized through implentation of AR. Until your theories are substantiated with hard data, they are just as much speculation as any other opinion posted here. Which of course is as welcome as the next.
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