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Originally Posted by bluebird2 View Post
If you want to be credible all you have to do is provide the data that shows that harvesting 80% of our 1.5 buck for over 50 years has had a negative effect on genetics,breeding rates ,productivity or recruitment.You can't do it , so once again you are just blowing smoke
Well blue, you're right. But you already know you're right because the data your asking for dosen't exist. And I'm sorry that I wasn't there 30 yrs before I was born to set up the correct expeximents. However, if you wanna throw me millions of dollars I would be glad to do the reasearch and I'll start today. PS: just because the data dosen't exist, dosen't mean there weren't negative effects.

Sometimes we have to use a little logic and reasoning. I think its logical to say that a herd with a balanced age structure is more biologically favorable. Now blue, please tell me why I am wrong.

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