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Originally Posted by glew22 View Post
No. You're wrong, and its pathetic that you can feed the public your radical viewpoints and nothing is done to limit it. Good ol' freedom of speech. Note to everyone: if its brown, smells really bad, and came from a cow...its bull$hit.

AR's were backed by science, and they did what they were intended to do...protect 50% of the yearling buck population.

I'll put you in touch with the biologists who did the research leading to AR's, even though I'm sure you would be teaching them.
Then tell us Glew, what scientific benefit was realized by protecting 50% (actually a bit more than that) of yearling bucks? Btw, improved odds of trophy success is NOT a scientific benefit, yet remains as the cornerstone of "questionable" deer management. When you are willing to advise private QDM practicioners to eradicate their deer herds for the sake of the trees, and force them to accept single digit DD, then I'll stop calling you all a bunch of antler- greedy hypocrites.
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