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Originally Posted by Potterco View Post
BT apparently you don't have dial you have any idea how long it takes to even load Huntingnet's site to begin with ...consider all links/advertisement that need to be loaded...anyway I resent the PM to RWJ not that it's any of your business.
and as of 9:55 RWJ hasn't responded

Why'd you get your panties in a bunch? I made a simple observation. No, I dont have dial up now but have had it in the past. Sure it's slow. I just mentioned that it's strange that a PM would take longer than a post. As far it being my business, this is a public forum and you started the thread. You made it the business of anyone who reads this thread.

I think a lot of folks here would love to hear both sides of this story. So now we're all patiently waiting to hear what happens........

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