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Originally Posted by Potterco View Post
I had another thread asking what a WCO can/cannot do and wanted to read the replies to that prior to posting this.
This past October during senior anterless season a WCO pulled me over on the assumtion I was road hunting and wanted to check my tags and vehicle for loaded firearms. When I explained I was merely checking my pasture fence that runs along a township road he excused himself but asked to see the rifle in the window rack of my pickup...I gladly complied an opened the action an opened the floor plate of the mdl 700 BDL 25-06..all was well until the WCO noticed the Glock mdl 19 9mm in a Fobus holster under my jacket ( I was dressed for farm work not hunting garb) he asked to see my permit to carry and I showed him my concealed weapons permit...dropped the loaded clip and opend the slide...I did not have a round chambered.....the WCO tried to tell me I couldn't have a loaded weapon in my vehicle regardless of the permit to carry a concealed weapon....I told him he'd better check the 2nd Ammendment, I'm legal and then the WCO goes off on this triade of how he thinks I'm road hunting, etc. etc. ignorant is this guy to think I'm road hunting deer with a Glock 9mm?
To make a long story much shorter he detained me for 45 minutes searched my truck for signs of transporting a deer,etc and waited on the State Police to show up...when they did in less than 5 minutes I was on my way.
Don't they teach these wanna be's about the 2nd Ammendment down in Harrisburg anymore?
Three times later last fall this same WCO followed me to town,from one farm of mine to another, and parked an watched as I cut corn for 3 hours...I saw him looking at me with binos I know 'cause I was looking at him thru mine!

Did you contact a supervisor? File a formal complaint?
Radio logs would be easy to verify. A few things I dont understand,

1, Assuming your right handed how in the world did he notice a concealed gun under a jacket?

2, After he noticed the gun, Why did he let you handle it? (drop mag and lock slide) ?

There is no wanna be's as WCO's much easier to get hired by a police Dept than by the PGC. 50 weeks of training and multiple classes in Constitutional Law, which must be passd at 100%. Violate someones Constitutional rights and the Officer is on he hook personally for a lawsuit.

PM me his name and I will call him.

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