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Originally Posted by Semisane View Post
Hey Gman, welcome.

You obviously like your Pursuit XL, or you wouldn't be hooked already. Tell us about its good and bad points. How's the trigger? What loads have you been shooting and what kind of accuracy are you getting?
Everyone thanks for the welcome I really loved my Pursuit until doing a lot of reading here and on other forums and got interested in the CVA Accura. I liked the light weight and it held very well for me, the pursuit shot very well with 2 50gr T7s and a Hornady SST LD 250. it was tuned in less then 6 shots my only complaint was not great trigger. Being the type of guy who when he gets into something goes whole hog I just got done ordering the Accura ,SS/realtree from Cabelas. This is gonna be bad between new ML and new bows wife will be less then happy.
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