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Funny how the data does back that up.
Uh...no, it doesn't. All that article from this past August shows is a one year spike in incidence...that does not indicate a trend. The 2009 data is not yet in. In fact, below is a graph showing the infection rates for male deer for each year since 2002. One year does not make a trend and could indicate nothing more than a difference in sampling.

And here are the DNR's own words on the subject:

From 2002 to 2007, monitoring of disease prevalence within the CWD management zone areas that have the highest intensity of CWD had shown little change in prevalence rates although some models suggested it was likely increasing. In 2008, however, estimates of prevalence in the core area of infection in southwest Wisconsin were higher for yearling and adult males and females. This increase was especially evident in adult males where prevalence estimates were just over 15% compared to the 10% of previous years. To determine what this means regarding overall disease progression and the efficacy of our control efforts, we will need several more years of data and further analyses.
So no...funny how the data DOES NOT back up the need to "eradicate" the deer in the CWD zone, or increase harvest goals. And given how the 2009 harvest is the lowest in 27 years, despite preseason predictions to the contrary , I'll ask you...how low would you like the harvest to go?! How many hunters do you want to disillusion and encourage to stay home?!

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