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Originally Posted by Alsatian View Post
Ethical norms are not absolute, and they aren't the same from species to species or from area to area. I don't happen to hunt any species over bait. I do hunt ducks over decoys, however, and I use a duck call. Couldn't this be considered to be equivalent, in some sense, to hunting over bait? An unnatural incentive to draw the prey within shooting range? You could argue attracting elk with calls is similar, although different in degree, from hunting over bait. It is really a silly question to debate. If you don't like it, don't do it. It isn't illegal, at least not in all hunting venues.

Perhaps your objection is that you don't consider hunting over bait "sporting." Maybe these hunters aren't in it for "sport." There are other reasons for hunting than the "sport." You may want to eat bear meat. You may want a bear rug. You may want a bear skin coat. Is killing an animal for sport a more valid reason than these reasons? I don't see it that way. And if you have a valid bear license, baiting is legal but not "sporting," I've got no problem with someone taking a bear over bait if they want to eat the meat and/or make good use of the skin.
Wish i'd have typed that. Very well said

Oh and those that think baiting is unethical.. Good luck with the fishing next season because i'm sure you will be throwing away those lures and not buying worms. Let me know. I may buy your rods from ya since you won't be using them any more

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