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Originally Posted by sqezer View Post
The state of Wi. is under such pressure from the insurance co. because of car-deer acciedents, that the DNR is only concerned about cutting the deer herd. The big ( chronic wasting scare ) didn't work to achieve what they wanted. What can we do as hunters, attend the Conservation Congress Hearings in your area and make your voice heard.
Can I get an AMEN my brother???? However the whole CWD craze is pretty much what started the ball rolling. I have seen a few bigger bucks over the past years because of the DNR's management practices but how long can you sustain a deer heard when you wipe out the ones that cause it to grow (does). Not to mention all the buck fawns that get taken to Earn-A-Buck. Add all that up over the last ten years, no wonder the press is having a field day with this and about Time I might add...
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