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In connecticut hunting regulations have been "relaxed" to increase the kill, plain and simple, while attempting to maintain a balanced herd. Years ago we used percussion or flintlock only guns, now we can use scopes or what ever we want on inline modern rifles.

I think most states have become more liberal with season dates, use of bait etc., for the same end, game management. Hell, in Maine you could walk for days and weeks and never come across a bear. In order not to be overrun with the toothy critters, they let you bait them. You then can take your time and shoot only a mature animal, or not shoot at all.

Obviosuly there is no need to let sheep hunters hunt over bait, as there is no overpopulation of them. By the same token there is a short season for them and it usually doesnt interfere with the breeding season.

In part its about money, (license sales) secondarily,
however the primary reason is game management.

As others have stated, we need to stick together. IF someone wants to or there is a need for hunting over bait, use crossbows, scopes on muzzleloaders etc, we need to support each other. Otherwise they will justify the need to ban each hunting discipline one at a time, until we are all banned.

if a conservative chooses not to hunt, he doesn't. If a liberal chooses not to hunt he wants to ban it for everyone.
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