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Typical Buck
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Nothing to good to report here, stuck a big 8 pointer and he ran on to the neighbor I dont see eye to eye on property lines with, so I went to get a game warden, he came the next day and we tracked it to a gut pile and a ton of hair, we walked it out and seen the neighbor and he said his hunters from vermont killed a big 8, we found them at there rental house and here is my buck, the rear end ate out by coyotes and there tag on it, only one hole in it, well it scored 164 inches and is going home to vermont, the warden said it is clear I killed it and they found it and tagged it. But since they tagged it there is nothing I could do

So I guess they will go home bragging about there (mine) buck..
I did see the other 2 big ones on the 2nd day of gun season..
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