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When you subscribe to the trade magazines (they are not cheap) all the catalogs are listed as ads in the contents. They have phone numbers you can call or address you can write too for there catalogs. The best trade magazine is Breakthrough there web address is (985-345-7266) there superscription price is $32 a year for four issues. It is well worth it. They also have a lot of DVD's for sale. Vandyke was just bought out by Mckenzie Taxidermy Supply (1-800-279-7985)
Don't buy any kits, order a form that will match the animal you have in hand (don't shoot any thing you want to mount in the head.)Start with the catalogs and read everything about taxidermy you can find. Start slow and always practice, practice and practice some more. When You get good on say a squirrel then try a fox or a bird. Why pay up to $10,000.00 for a school when you have a lot of time to learn, and then the only thing you will lose, if it is not for you, will be some great times you spent working with nature. On you could spend years reading all the info they have. Like I said start slow and learn. I hope this will get you started. Check out my web page in my signature below as I have a lot of info that might help. Good Luck

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