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Nothing wrong with having a selective group when hunting...If the neighbors are taking your rejects hopefully they are atleast tagging and putting their guns away once they are filled.

This is an ongoing issue on a few properties me and my buddies hunt. Lots of deer but smaller bucks we are trying to grow. I havent taken a buck off the property in years, but they definatly are growing even with the neighbors banging away at them.

Our one 330 acre property that maybe 10 of us hunt we have done numerous doe kills trying to thin the doe numbers down and have put enough food on the property to where we feel a deer really has no need to roam too too far, and there are far more does than bucks so its not like they have to travel for miles to breed or compete. We wont shoot uner 4 on a side and there are no antler restrictions for the county. For the most part a lot of the deer stay on the property and we see a few of them grow..

However if i see a 13 year old kid harvest his first buck...I dont care if its a scrub 6 or a nice 8 the smile and excitement is priceless. They arent to a point yet where they want to manage deer and grow trophies they are just happy getting a few kills under their belts....

We are seeing nicer deer by just letting them walk, but the same thing happens every year...We get a few nice bucks taken and a few other guys kill the 3 year old 8pts...If you're ok not shooting a buck every year your golden...Those guys cant be killing everything you let walk...
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