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Originally Posted by SteveBNy View Post
You hear this all the time - "no sense in letting deer walk - the neighbors just shoot them".

Fact is, if you let them walk, they stand a far better chance of living then if you kill them.
Also selective buck harvest is only one of many parts of QDM - it is not QDM on its own.
FACT IS, the orig. poster said out of the 5 bucks HE let pass, 3 of them were shot by 1 neighboring club and that does NOT count what happened to the other 2 bucks and if they met their demise on the other club's properties! For the other 2 bucks, it's out of the skillet and into the fire. LOL!

Here you could be culling lesser bucks, keeping track of the doe populations, making sure the herd has proper nutrition, planting crops and foresting for optimum habitat BUT all that don't mean a hill of beans if the bucks are getting smoked by neighboring clubs. LOL!

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