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Originally Posted by Hunting Kuk View Post
How long did it take you to get where you are today?....exactly where are you after that much time like are you at the point where you said"Year around work"....what school did you go to?.....I have alot of questions it is something I would like to do but without a studio how do I start you said "Start out tinkering while young (now I suppose)"what do I need equipment whise and what do I do afterwards(after the equipment?
I am just going in full time this year (along with another side biz) it took my 5 years to get where I am at. Could have done it faster if I would have dove into it. There was actually a time where i turned work away! No school, did the learn from video thing then joined my state taxidermy association, entered taxi competitions, worked some contest, networked out through hunting clubs, posted flyer's in sporting goods stores ect ect ect.....You don't need much for equip just to start out but talk to people in the know so you don't buy what you don't need. I made all my mounting stands, paint booth, got used freezers and equip.

If you need pointers let me know. BTW where are area of the country are you from?
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