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Originally Posted by mr.mc54 View Post
I say the DNR should have a survey with every lisc. sold that asks for hunters input on what's out there. The problem is - it's to easy. Ask land owners like myself who know whats on my property. Public land is just about shot off and it's only going to get worse. Soon hunters will say enough is enough and stay home. It stands to reason that if deer go on public land and are lucky enough to survive , they will seek out a place where there isn't as much pressure (private land). The counts are best done by hunters and land owners. Just a thought!
I will give the DNR a little credit for at least putting the hunter sighting survey on the web site. But if they actually listen to it is a whole nother question. I also believe that the DNR would make better desicions if they weren't influnenced by politics.The DNR HQ should not be located in the Liberial infested town of Madison.
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