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Default Brittany Spaniel Training question

I recently rescued a Brittany Spaniel from the streets. After 2 months, he' s almost at optimum weight, has hair and energy. I suspected originally that he was someone' s lost hunting dog and lately, he has taken to " bounding" through the back yard (which is quite large and is natural in the back) and staring at trees for hours like a statue, occasionally looking over his should at me with his ears forward like he' s waiting for me to tell him what to do. I don' t know anything about bird dogs or flushing dogs as I never hunted with dogs. He' s a wonderful dog, great personality, very intelligent (had to crate train and house break), knows his name and his home and I' m frankly quite impressed. Basically, I' m wondering if the behavior he is displaying that of a flushing dog which I assume he would have had to be trained to do so and what commands is he expecting from me? At this time, I don' t plan to take up bird hunting, (but you never know), and I guess I' m more curious about the behaviors and training at this time. Any help or advise would be appreciated. I feel like I' m leaving him hanging (for hours sometimes) staring at birds!
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