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Default Need advice/help

So, I have a predicament that I can't seem to find a solution for. With the exception of opening weekend, every weekend and every outing of hunting I have seen the same deer, 7 times in a row as a matter of fact (I can only hunt saturday and sunday evenings). There are two does that walk through my property and every time they pass through, they walk in a different place. Now, I have been moving around trying to predict where they will go, based on where they walked the previous time I saw them. I have several places that I can go, I have a tree stand up above a big oak tree, a blind in another area then I also have 4 other "natural blinds" behind fallen trees that I can use. With all that I have there you might think I have a lot of land, but it isn't it's only about 8 acres. So, I guess I am asking what should I do? I can't seem to find a pattern of where they walk or anything like that.

Also, a few times ago I drew in a small 5 pointer with doe estrus urine, but I couldn't get a shot at him, of course there was a tree right at his vitals, I was so happy.

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