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I have been hard at it like most of you. Seeing a lot of chasing and last Weds had nice 8 pt come close but not close enough. Tried to call and rattle but he not interested. Look but not come in. Doe bedded 32 yds from me at 9:30 and got up at 11:30 to feed on browse in the thicket she was in. Took shot at her at 47 yds and missed high. At 1:30 the 8pt came in and pretty much followed her path but never gave me a clear shot. He went directly to her bed and then moved off not following her exit route. This is the second time I have seen him in the same field corner. I am heading out again Sun eve and plan to stay on stand all day Mon and Tue. My stand is just inside a field corner approx 300 yds from where I park my truck. I plan on using a drag rag for the first time this year when I go in Mon a.m. and take the long route to my stand to try to and stir up some interest. Hope to have better report next time. Best of luck to the team and congratulations to Huntinlady on her nice buck.
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