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I'm 45 min from Wis. & right next to Miss. River-Ill. is on the other side. I'm N.E. Iowa.
Yes, still windy. 25 MPH yesterday & the tree was a swingin all evening. 1 lone little 6 at quitting time.
No hunting today but took a WALK checking all the sign in the area. Just starting scrapes in our area. Everything has been RIGHT at dark except 2 Does that passed 35 yds away Tuesday but did not offer Daughter a shot.
I'm adding all my info up from my area & I'm guessing next week should be good for ALL of us in the midwest. I told daughter we will be out everyday-Windy, Rainin or whatever the next 10 days for sure. Good Luck to all. I have to get my little girl (35 years old) a Deer b/4 I can start shootin-unless she's not along. I'm even passing Does as I want HER to get anything with her Bow. She's been very dedicated & she's deadly on a target at 25 yds with Broadheads. She's been laying the scent trails & started the callin the other evening. I explain WHY I do everything.
Anyway-good luck to all-when we start putting them on the board we WILL be #1....
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