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Sorry to sound like many other threads here, but I shot my first buck with a bow last night. It looked and sounded like a great hit. He jumped, did a little circle and ran for the far end of the field. I waited a half hour and then backed out to the house (opposite direction). An hour and a half later, my son and I went out to try to track him.

I knew where he was standing, so finding the start of the trail was no problem. I didn't see the arrow clear him and I couldn't find it in the area, so we started tracking the blood. It was a steady path, but not a lot of blood. We tracked it to the edge of the field (about 80 yards) and then lost it in waist high grass. (This was well after dark with flashlights.) After over three hours, we called it a night.

This morning (a little after five) we went back out and tried to pick up the trail. We started doing small circles from the last blood spot. About 15 yards away, I found the arrow. The first eight inches from the broadhead was clean (I think from the grass wiping it clean). The rest of the arrow including the fletchings were covered in blood. A few feet from here was a patch of blood and a clot about the size of a saucer. The blood trail was great from here. Bit spots of blood every couple of feet. We tracked this about another 150 yards.

This put us in a patch of shoulder high grass / brush and led to a coule of trees about 8-10 feet high. Under one of the trees was three large patches of blood (looks like he was laying here). From this spot.....nothing! Started doing some circles, but nothing. After three and a half hours, I had to head to work (late, of course). Any suggestions?
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