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Hi guys
We went to the farm last Tues night. I got to hunt 4 of the 5 days we were certainly was not fun...but I did get to hunt. Lots of does and their small ones. A dozen or so small bucks and lots and lots of rain. Almost 4 inches in 24 hours. It was a total mess getting around.
Saturday morning was the best day. I deceided to stay in the woods until 11:30am. It was about 38 degrees and sunny. First sun I had seen in 3 days!! Anyway, at 11:10 I deceided to hell with it, I was hungry and needed coffee. I buttoned up my bow, put the sling on and lowered it to the ground, started to put my back pack on and climb down. Got my right arm in the strap of the pack and my left arm got hung up in the strap and an orange vest that was attached to my weekend with guns! as I was trying to get untangled, guess what.....oh yes, that's right.....a BEAUTIFUL 10 point, 130ish, came running right at me and stopped on the other side of a cedar tree...about 19 yards. He turned and came around behind me...14 yards...he knew something was up but didn't see or wind me....I LOVE that Predator camo!!!
Anyway, there I was, tangled in my backpack and vest, looking at my bow and release at the bottom of my tree stand. Happy Halloween to me... what fun. He was only about 2 years old so he'll be better next year. That evening, I had a real tall 8 come in to my stand but never got within range while I still had pin light.
I'm going back the 11th of Nov. to bow hunt 2 days before gun season opens.
I hope some of you are having better luck than me.
More later. Good luck to all of you. Hunt safe.
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