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Default **UPDATE** wounded deer controversy

listen up guys-i have some points i would like to share

*im not trying to defend my actions or change peoples minds-please just read

1-I spoke to many people and the advice was VARIED. i called my local DEC office and they said LET THE DEER SIT OVER NIGHT and go back the next day

2-when i first shot the deer, he went right down-kicked for a bit and then was out. when i came back an hour later, he picked his head up. he was not kicking and screaming and crawling away. i left beacause i didnt want to push him away

3-i recovered the deer today and he was in fine shape. i brought him home and will now be able to process him correctly

4-i spoke to several experienced hunters who said they have taken bad shots, tried to collect the deer to quick and pushed it away never to be seen again. i did not want to do that

5 - as i mentioned, this is my first year bowhunting (i have hunted gun for awhile) i got my bow in the spring, practiced 3-5 times a week until now, entered 3D practice shoots all summer, did my scouting in the woods, and did everything else to prepare correctly.

6- hunting is a lifelong process. i talk to guys who have 50+ yrs hunting and still learn new things every time they walk in the woods.

i was in a difficult situation and did what i felt was right. was it the best case scenario- maybe not, but my deer is well hanging in my yard. i appreciate those who did not jump on me. for those who did, please realize that there are few absolutes in any situation. i will use this experience to grow and become a better bowhunter. thanks

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