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[QUOTE=Bbearfax;3487359]LOL.......thanks but no "Pro Shop" needed the adjustments made were because I was going from a 75 grain head to the 100 grain Rage. But thanks for suggesting that I am lost and do not know my own equipment.[/QUOTE

Well there are some gaps in your story.. First, you say some minor adjustments and you were ready to go, then you say I hit the doe about 8 inches high.. Well if they shot good for you in the yard then they will in the field.. Whether or not you know your equipment is not for any of us to judge or say however maybe it was a slight case of DOE FEVER!!! Second, maybe you rushed your shot--you also said that the 1 1/2 year old buck made things tough!! Think about it....

I personally shot the rage 3-blade, They are awesome and do some real damage.. between me, my dad, and five other buddies of mine we have killed 22 deer the last two seasons. We have not lost any!!! of those deer 6 have been over 125 inches!! Now there is a statement.. Don't get me wrong some of those kills were marginal but the Rage did as advertised!!! Big holes and lots of blood!! So i read your statement and either think you made a marginal shot and or your bow is not tuned for those tips.. But don't blame the tips!!
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